Sunday, October 18, 2009


I want everything new. I want a new life and new breath in my home and new body and new hair.

But tonight I will settle for an appointment with Sue Ann on Tuesday for highlights, and playing with my site. What do you think of the new logo? GREAT help from All Adither.

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MiaRules said...

Hm. I like the newness of it, but I miss the old one. The other one had a calming palette, where we would wait to hear about your new epiphanies and revelations. This one looks like we should be waiting for a video of you getting funky with bell bottoms...which could work too.

fortymama said...

Wow, am I at the right place? I love the white, the orange, the freshness. Then I visited your adoptive profile & I realized I missed the green. Cozy, comfortable, yes, calming. Here's to redecorating...and maybe just a teensy weensy bit o'green?