Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My basket of knitting has been sitting there patiently all summer, by the couch. I can still only make a scarf. So I guess I'll start a long, long season of long, long scarves.

Loved this grey angora/wool one that I made on the plane this time last year. Lost it already.

The scarf for Mashi matches her hair.

For cold New York winters. I test-drove it in Maine.

Cousin Elizabeth in her orange scarf I made while at PopTech. Nothing simpler, nothing cozier.

Liz's daughter, my cousin, Miss Mary Ohannes, clearly has a brilliant future as a scarf model.
We made this one to match the color of her towel.

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MiaRules said...

If you can make a scarf, you can make a baby know, for luck, or just in case, or whatever.

All Adither said...

I love your scarves. Makes me want to knit something again.