About 40licious

This is a blog that came  into being on Feb. 28, 2008, when editrix Vanessa McGrady turned 40. Originally it was a way to share all the personal fabulousness that came with turning 40, but it has since evolved into a field guide of sorts for other women turning 40. And yes, there will be a book.

40licious is geared toward women in their 40s with news about style, health, sex, money and career. Why is this an important voice? Because of all the many mainstream and online media outlets geared toward women, exactly one -- More magazine -- targets women in their 40s specifically. There are huge changes when a woman turns 40. It's a time when we can apply everything we learned in the first part of our lives for our own good, and the good of our families, friends and communities. Everything is different when you pass 40. According to a Boston Consulting Group study, we're poised to drive the post-meltdown economy. I want to make sure we're dressed right and stashing our money in appropriate growth vehicles.

If you are a PR person who would like to pitch me or send product samples, please remember my target audience: women in their 40s. 

Vanessa McGrady is an award-winning journalist and PR representative. She's also been a playwright, producer and actress. She's married to the best man she ever met, and they live with two dogs in Southern California.

Drop a line if you'd like to contact Vanessa or suggest features for 40licious.

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