Thursday, February 17, 2011

40lcious Fun: Ole Skool Crew Keeps on Dancing

You can have your Lakers Girls. We'll take some women, please. As in The Ole Skool Crew, a troupe of women in their 40s and older who perform at the WNBA Sparks and other basketball games. The remind us that the party is far from over.

"Women all around the world, no matter your age, you can get together and anything is possible, if you believe in yourself," the crew's owner and director Traci Hawkins told the Inland Daily Bulletin.


Amanda Koster said...

ah yes, that's when dance and aerobics were one. love 40!

Kathlyn said...

Ok - I watched w/o sound and right before the end all I could think was "...Jesse! Now Jerome!...Yeeeeeassssss!"