Friday, January 9, 2009

What are we?

When you're 40licious, it's likely that you have been many places. I'm lucky to have a list of countries I've visited on at least two hands, maybe three or even four if I remember hard enough. I didn't have a corporate job for most of my life so that I could travel where and when I wanted. Now, it feels like I have a corporate job so I CAN go these places -- and have a paycheck waiting for me at home.

Either way, the best thing you get from travel, besides tiny bottles of shampoo with Hebrew writing, besides a batik sarong, besides notebooks filled with scribbling from breakfast at a beautifully tiled cafe, is perspective.

I want us to be a big-hearted country. I want us to take care of our own. To make sure that nobody has to choose between going to the doctor or paying their rent. To understand that a pocket full of money isn't the end game -- rather, it's where it goes, it's how we help each other, it's how we make the world a sweeter place during the time that we're here.

Tonight, I want to leave my job and take care of orphans. Or wipe off the wounds of Untouchables. Or cradle a baby dying of AIDS. Maybe that's the least I could do. Maybe the most I could do would be to help shape policy to help make it better for people who aren't as lucky as I am.

I voted for Barak Obama in hopes that he would spur people to think less of themselves, and more of us as brothers and sisters.

But maybe I gave a job to someone else that I should be doing myself.

I don't know how to make it better for the society's wretches. Welcoming any suggestions.


MiaRules said...

I've volunteered at rehab centers, women & children sanctuaries, and local elder care facilities. If you want to help America, I say start locally - you don't even have to take your vacation days to make a difference. :)

Don Cummings said...

I just think simple health care for all is the answer... It will solve so many things.

All Adither said...

Nice post, Vanessa. You are one of the biggest-hearted people I know. Seriously.