Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Bear Crapped on My Table

I've been told by a very inspiring and influential person to get my papers in order (well, outline and proposal) and start working on my memoir after she read my article about living off the grid in Grist. I feel like I landed on the soft pillow after riding bareback in the woods for years. There is a crack in a windowless and doorless room where the light has begun to stream in. I could do this. I could write my book. My book.

December is always a little tough for me because it was the month my father died in 2003. I will always remember the day that I handed him my business card after deciding on a career as a freelance writer. It read:

Vanessa McGrady
He handed it back. "One day it will say 'journalist and author.' "

But I never thought that I had enough to say.

Of course, my father was always right. It still takes me a long time to realize this.


I Speak Film said...

Oh my GOSH. Vanessa! I'm all squirmy in my seat with excitement for you. You can SO do this.

fortymama said...

V-I'll buy your book, in hardback even! You just better sign my copy.

Kathlyn said...

Nice story about your pa! Almost like he's sending you an early Christmas present...:)

All Adither said...

That gave me chills.