Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Is How Amazing You Are


That's how much you've donated to my Race/Walk for the Cure effort. You people floor me.

LuLuBelle and I will make the trek on Sunday in Orange County, in memory of my colleague, Charlene McComas, the original corporate wacky redhead.

But it's not too late! We are still gleefully accepting small change and big bucks at

And thank you, all, for every penny you've given so far. You're amazing.

Can we get to $2k? Y2k? Why not?


Knitting Architect said...

Hey Lady,

Wow, I was so excited to see that someone actually reads my blog and even more excited to see that it's you!!

I am going to put your blog on my favorites and lurk into your life!

How are you? It is almost Kinetics and I still have people who remember the siamese twins from Chimacum who became royalty.

41 is pretty great, I only sometimes wonder who took my butt when I wasn't looking??

How did your reunion video turn out? That was the talk of the town for weeks after.

Remember that double date we went on to Tolo? My date was at his 20th reunion and actually flirted with me. Can you believe that? We had thought those guys were headed for the morg they were so boring!

Hope all is well keep in touch.

The knitting architect

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Ness and Lucy! We send hugs and kisses and wishes for sun!