Thursday, July 10, 2008

40licious Hall o' Fame: Fun With Pop Rocks

The link isn't quite working directly; search for "Liquid Muse" on the site and pick "alcohol-free cocktails." You'll be glad you spent that extra four seconds.

I hereby initiate another rockin' person into the 40licious Hall o' Fame: My good friend Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, aka The Liquid Muse. There are several reasons I could have previously put her right in there. She's clasped on so tight to her mission to make a living as a cocktail writer/blogger and it's actually happening for her. She held her own with those icky pigs on the Tom Leykis show yesterday. But what really tipped the balance, for me, was that she invented a drink featuring Pop Rocks.

I remember hearing that Mikey died from ingesting, simultaneously, Pop Rocks and Coke. If I ever decide to off myself, that's how I'm going down. And don't try to stop me.

2 comments: said...

Thank you for the props! Man, am I honored!!! And, I'm not even 40-licious yet! However, reading your awesome blog, I look forward to getting there.

xooox Natalie

Charlie said...

I hate to burst your bubble (ha!) but eating pop rocks and drinking soda won't kill you, and didn't kill Mikey either....

You'll have to find a different and inventive way to go.
Not soon though, ok?