Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Style: 40licious Women Getting Edgy with Their Hair

New York Times photo
One thing you finally learn when you're 40licious, hopefully, is where your hair can and can't go. For example, in 1982, I decided I wanted an asymetrical cut, short on one side, angled down the back, then long on the other. Which would have been on trend if I had thick, straight, shiny hair. I do not have thick, straight, shiny hair. I have very curly hair with a mind of its own. And back then the best I could do in the way of styling produts was Dippity Do that I had to sneak into our shopping cart.

When you are 40licious, you are also, hopefully, rocking your own bad self. Like a slew of women 40 and older who are filing into salons demanding cuts on the wild side, reports the New York Times.

Come on, how about a few pink tips, just to keep it fun?

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