Saturday, July 25, 2009


I very much realize that it's a non-entry to write about how I am not keeping you readers updated, nor even mildly entertained. But I also see that of the 20 or so regular blogs I follow, nobody else is either.

Maybe school hard-wires us to take the summer off. Which is pretty much all I want to do -- except there's that whole thing about my habit, which involves keeping a roof over my head. I spend every spare second at the beach. I skip the Sunday farmer's market and don't eat for a week to meditate on the shores, and read Oprah magazine with my big hat on. I vow to live there, next move.

And that is why, even in this bleakest of markets, I am slowly winnowing my possessions so that in a year or so, my forthcoming new baby and I -- whenever the adoption gods decree -- will move to a place where the sand in our toes is a short walk away.

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Don Cummings said...

I love your summer entry. And I can't wait to visit you and your baby at the beach!

marthalena said...

With luck, by next summer we'll be slathering the sunblock on your bambino! Yay Vanessa!!