Monday, March 9, 2009

The New Economy

I realize that many of my sisters and brothers are walking this earth without a job. I don't know what I can really do for them. Make dinner. Connect them with people who might know something. Look at their resumes.

The latter of which I have been doing a LOT of. For example, my young friend, an IT help-desk whiz, needed a refresh on her rez because she wasn't getting any calls. We stayed up late and talked Geek Squad trash, and made her a new one, all streamlined and pretty and informative. She's since gotten three calls for work. So I opened my my services to my professional network of women. In exchange for an hour consultation and edit on their resume, I asked for something in trade. It could be a sewing machine, organizing skills, massage, whatever.

I immediately got six or seven responses. The first was dire and sad; a woman and her husband, have both been laid off and are about to lose their home and take the couch tour. I can't promise her anything but an edit.

In return so far I've scored a membership to a group called Mix LA, a consultation with a music supervisor for my music-producer brother, possibly some musical equipment, and $40. It's becoming a game to see what makes itself available.

Have you found a new economy since everything all went to hell?

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Don Cummings said...

We are living on residuals, unemployment, tax returns, occasional cash gigs, whatever!
It's wild. And I kind of like it.
OH, and we cut our expenses way back. does hope for a job.

MiaRules said...

Send me everyone's new resume and I can share those resumes with over 800 recruiters with the click of a button! I am down with helping people out!