Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Now I Get It (Bonus: My New Boyfriend!)

Aha! Now I understand. It's always been sort of creepy to me that there are few, if any, 40licious people in Los Angeles. Now that I'm spending the week in Palm Springs, I understnd that Nature abors Nice 'n' Easy and that all the post-40liciouses come here. Therin lies the balance!

I thought that the epitome of happiness was bopping along Palm Canyon Drive after a successful work event to the soundtrack of Monsoon Wedding. But when I came home to the Hotel Zoso, I realized that my epitome was bested by a Liza Minelli impersonator rocking Pink's "I'm Coming Out." Whole new meaning, really.


Recently, I have recieved hundreds, if not thousands, of phone calls and emails inquiring as to the status of my lovelife. I can no longer hide the truth: Sonny Bono and I have been captured -- despite our best efforts -- canoodling in the streets of Palm Springs.

I've got him, babe.


Don Cummings said...

There's something about a man in bronze...

Paul said...

Dead men can't say no.